I Found Some VHS Tapes

Should I start collecting? I was in my closet finally moving some things around trying to make more space when it appeared. THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY on VHS. Should I start a collection? Should I post it on Instagram (already have)? The nostalgic wave has come over me and now I am thinking about all... Continue Reading →

Out Of Popcorn: A Short Story

“Popcorn… it’s good.” -me Open the pantry. It’s not there. Search the kitchen. It’s not there. Look under the bed. It’s not there. It is popcorn and it’s not there. A movie is not a movie if there is no popcorn. The sound of chewing and crunching is the only true way to experience dialogue... Continue Reading →

ROAD HOUSE: The Original Bar Rescue

Before Jon Taffer’s hit show there was a Patrick Swayze film called ROAD HOUSE that taught us that “pain don’t hurt” and must have been the direct inspiration to BAR RESCUE. As I sit here watching Road House for which seems like the 100th time I realized more and more how this movie must have... Continue Reading →

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