Justin Burden

Fusing together my multiple creative passions and my love of pop culture to bring you a unique blogging experience.


The hardest thing for me to talk about is the “Who am I and what do I do?” type of question. First things first I am Justin Burden and I consider myself a multi-passionate creative. I will say that at this moment this is my website primarily used for my blog and short stories. I plan on sharing other of my creative ventures such as short films, skits, and other creative ways to share stories. I am a storyteller at heart. A creative with many passions.

I am working on hard on making a career out of my creative pursuits and have them be that and not just a hobby. I love my family and am a family oriented person. Spending time with them especially around the holidays is where I make most of my great memories. I have a nostalgic heart. I like to incorporate my love of nostalgia, pop culture, and tapping in to those feelings we had from our youth in my writing.

I hope to bring you value by showing by example that you can make it as a writer and creative without living in a huge area like LA/NY. I want to share my stories and hope to connect with people not only for entertainment but hope you can relate to the characters and the stories I tell.

I enjoy talking and meeting like minded people so feel free to email me, leave comments on my blogs and short stories, or simply just reaching out on my social media pages. Thank you for reading and hope to talk to you and hope you enjoy my stories.

Justin Burden