I am not so sure anymore.

When Toy Story 4 was first announced I was excited. Toy Story is my all time favorite Pixar franchise. I have seen every one of them in theaters and think they are all brilliant movies for the whole family. So it made sense when the fourth was announced that it would be one of my most anticipated movies of 2019. It still is but after the trailer that was released today….

I have some doubts.

Don’t get me wrong I know the film is going to be good, it will probably be really good. But there was something missing in the Toy Story 4 trailer. It showed us new characters, a new world, and showed our main themes and plot of the movie. Woody gets lost looking for a new hand made toy “Forky” and in the process runs into Bo-Peep and sees how life could be at a carnival like wonderland where Woody would not just belong to one child but to many different children who attended this carnival. Sounds amazing right?

I don’t know. Something is still missing.

Maybe it’s because I have gotten older. Maybe it’s because I was hoping for more of the original gang being featured in the trailer or maybe because it felt like a complete rehash of the original movie’s plot. I really can’t even point to one thing in the trailer I disliked but I felt that core thing that made these movies great was all of these toys coming together and bringing their different personalities and perspectives to achieve something. To realize that no matter what they weren’t just Andy’s toys but they were there for each other and that they always had one another. I think that what was so fitting about how the trilogy concluded and I felt that movie closed out such an incredible story.

This trailer failed to capture that.

Now look, I am not saying that this trailer was bad or that the film is going to be a massive disappointment. But as someone who has seen all these films and the trailers I think I can speak on this with some sort of authority.

I think this film is going to be good but am I wrong for wanting it to be perfect? For wanting it to be as special as the first 3 films? I know that is a lot to ask but I don’t want this franchise to go out on a bad note or even a disappointing one. I can hang out with Woody, Buzz, Rex, the Potato Heads, Bo-Peep, and even the new toys that will sure steal the show in Toy Story 4 all day long, but after awhile, just like your favorite toys, you want those memories to be special. Right now Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 have those memories.

All I have to go on for Toy Story 4 right now is this trailer and I must say, so far, I am feeling a bit underwhelmed. By June 21st I am sure I will have another write up about how Disney/Pixar hit it out of the park and how I hope there is a Toy Story 5. Until then, I will talk about the trailer and hope the next one, if there is one, captures the magic the first 3 films had.

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