This is as good as it’s going to get. This is peak superhero movie and peak Marvel studios.

After this, it’s all downhill.

That is how I felt after watching the new AVENGERS: ENDGAME trailer earlier. It is perfect and the marketing has been next level brilliant. I realized halfway through watching that this will be the greatest superhero movie of all time.


The reason I am able to say this with such certainty is that this isn’t no ordinary superhero film. This is a film that has been in the making for well over a decade. Characters we have come to love and spend time with like you would with a long running television series. Marvel has created such great interconnected stories that you feel like you’re not only watching a trailer for the next Avengers flick, but you are watching the ending to an entire decades worth of storytelling.

That is something to celebrate.

The trailer evokes so many emotions that other superhero movies or even blockbuster films haven’t been able to do with their trailers. A simple look from these characters can do so much more than a clip from an action sequence or a funny one line could do. Many times in this trailer you see these moments. Moments of uncertainty, of fear, of grief, and even glimpses of hope.

The marketing has been focusing on the aftermath of Infinity War, it’s focusing on character over spectacle. That’s why I think it is such a special trailer and if they translate the tone of the trailers to the film it surely will be the greatest superhero film of all time.

I love how the trailer focuses on our original Avengers. Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Clint. Yes there are numerous shots of other heroes and they have amazing moments in this trailer (seeing Scott Lang/Antman with the OG crew still makes me so happy) but throughout the entire marketing campaign for Endgame it has focused mainly on these characters, especially Tony and Steve. (You know that the reunion between these two in this film is going to be amazing.)


I think that’s what I love most about it and why I think this trailer is perfect. Truly, it’s perfect. It gives us some new voiceover to give context and some new scenes without showing hardly any action. No other movies can do that because it doesn’t have the reputation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but this movie can because of the establishment of these characters and these stories.

I have no idea how this movie is going to turn out. With a rumored run time of 3 hours you can be assured that The Russo Brothers (directors of Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Infinity War) know they have something special on their hands. We can only hope that this is going to end the way we want, that when leaving the theater the hype hasn’t been so big that we are let down. I have no idea if this movie is going to be great or not, but what I do know, and what you should know after a decades worth of consistency from everyone across the board, is that they are going to save the best for last. Or as our heroes say in this trailer, they are going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Justin Burden

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