Are you spending your waking moments asking yourself “I wonder what is going to happen in the newest season of AHS?”?

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Maybe that is a bit dramatic but hey, we are talking about the newest season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY so dramatic is what I will be!

When it was first announced that showrunner Ryan Murphy was going to make a crossover season of MURDER HOUSE and COVEN I wasn’t sure how they were going to fuse the two seasons together but I was still excited. If it is one show that I have to watch every week and feel a sense of community with, it is AHS. Now that I have learned more about the season I am beyond excited. I love it and since you are reading this I know you do as well. So in this post I am going to discuss the 5 things we need to see in APOCALYPSE to make it the best season of AHS so far. So cue the insanely creepy opening credits and follow me on this journey.




I think this season would be a perfect season to show the world around the AHS universe. Most seasons are in isolated towns, houses, scenarios, etc.. Last seasons CULT had one of the biggest real world implications story arcs of the entire series. Constantly showing characters and the world around the events happening. Since this will be the biggest season of AHS ever in terms of scale and potential, I would love to see the outside world being affected by what is going on. Where the battle of good and evil is not just affecting our beloved characters, but also the world around them. I get that the season is Apocalypse but I’m guessing maybe we see the destruction or that is the endgame, regardless I think it would be a perfect season to show the scale of what’s happening. There needs to not only be high personal stakes but high stakes in terms of the world and everything around it. A true horror spectacle.


Look, I love the style of AHS. I truly do. Each season has its own unique vibe and unique take on horror. There is nothing else like it on TV and that is why it is so damn fun to watch (and successful). What I mean by “true horror” is that in MURDER HOUSE it stayed most closely to true horror in the episodes. The imagery, the music, the deaths, the mystery, all of it felt truly scary. I know, I know. It was the first season so of course it felt that way and who am I to say what is true horror or not? But since this is a crossover episode, and sense COVEN took on a very dreamy vibe I think it would be a perfect time to balance that with the tone of MURDER HOUSE and make it a truly memorable crossover of the two worlds.


Let me preface this by saying that I think Sarah Paulson is one of the best actors working today. Period. I think she is brilliant in every season of AHS and I am always excited to see which character she is going to play next. BUT, I have seen some complaints, not from me, but from people on Twitter and in general complaining that all Sarah Paulson does is scream and get scared. I think if you watch the series and the different seasons her characters have that quality, yes, but overall her character has some of the best arcs of the show. Regardless, I think she was great in Coven and finally came into her own by the end of that season. She is the SUPREME after all. This would now be the perfect season to not only unleash her true powers as Cordelia but show a different side of that character. I can’t wait to see how much more powerful and confident she is, and I cannot wait to see how Sarah Paulson plays it. She is even directing one of the episodes this season (Jessica Lange is in it even!). I think we can all agree that seeing Cordelia showcasing her true gifts and powers is going to be a welcome sight for AHS fans!


So with news that Stevie Nicks will be back for this season I thought what better time to have a Stevie Nicks song not only played during an episode, not only performed during an episode, but what if that song was an original song written just for THAT episode. This is wishful thinking but AHS has had a few musical numbers in previous seasons including Stevie at the piano during COVEN so it is not THAT far fetched, right? Not only would it be an awesome moment for TV but an awesome moment for Stevie Nicks.


We all know based on comments from Ryan Murphy over the years that AHS is in fact somewhat all connected. I think a great way to give a little hint of what is to come in the next seasons of AHS would be a subtle hint of that in one of the later episodes. Something fans could salivate over during the hiatus until the next season. Something they could try and theorize and figure out before the next season announcement. It would just be a really cool way to show the fans that there may be an overarching story or theme coming up that they have planned that would be a direct continuation of some of the other seasons.

So there it is, the 5 things I think we need to see in the upcoming season of AHS: Apocalypse. I could of had this list be 20 things but I thought I would come up with just 5 and then YOU could help with the rest. What are some things you want to see in the upcoming season? Let me know in the comments.

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