“Popcorn… it’s good.” -me

Open the pantry. It’s not there.

Search the kitchen. It’s not there.

Look under the bed. It’s not there.

It is popcorn and it’s not there.

A movie is not a movie if there is no popcorn. The sound of chewing and crunching is the only true way to experience dialogue but where is it? Where is this delicious popcorn you aren’t able to find. Was it all in your mind? The buttery flavor was just a thought? Wasn’t it popcorn that you had just bought?

The movie is on pause, there is no more time. To find the popcorn to pop but then you stop, and a lightbulb goes off. In your minds eye or whatever and then you remember…

You left the popcorn in the car, you cursed and cursed because you thought there was no more. You jumped up and down when you finally found it and then just like that, you can watch the movie in peace. You don’t want to share your popcorn not even one peice. You realize this story was a poem or a rhyme and not a short story after all. But, instead a PSA, to never, ever watch a movie without popcorn, because then, where would you eat this delicious treat? The store? The car? The mall?

So in closing with a bag of popcorn in hand, I will eat it and eat it until it dissolves like quick sand. Okay, this shit is getting forced and now I’m just rhyming to rhyme, the moral of the story is…


Literally, it was. You ate all the popcorn and forgot you did. It’s ok though, it happens. It’s soooooo good. Oh yeah the short story/poem is over. FOLLOW me for more random shit like this about movies, tv, and pop culture. I post every day. This was my first short story poem though so hopefully it was passable enough for a LIKE! Thanks for reading!