We all have a favorite movie theater candy, don’t we?

Picture this: You are standing in the concession line to check out the latest action blockbuster film. You know you want something other than popcorn and a soda. You know you are going to need something with a little zing, a little sugar, so you start contemplating what movie candy you are going to choose. Some of us are lucky, we already know what that candy is, but some of us aren’t so lucky. Some of us suffer from what I like to call “I like all the candies syndrome”. It’s ok if you suffer from this, because I do. I love all different types of candies and to be honest I like to mix it up a bit.

Now I go to a lot of movies at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas now. You actually go sit down and you have a full menu to choose from, including candy. Yet, there is something magical about standing in line at theaters with concession lines and wondering which candy you are going to choose. Now my usual go to candy is Sour Patch Kids. I love those and they seem to pair very nicely with a Root Beer. But sometimes, I must say, I need some chocolate to pair with the salty, buttery taste of that delicious popcorn so I switch over to Goobers or Raisenettes. If I am feeling really crazy, sometimes I opt for Skittles. Hell, I may even get two bags of candy. These are the thoughts that go through my head at these times. I figured out though, that whatever candy I choose, says something about me in that moment.

SOUR PATCH KIDS: I’ve noticed that I usually choose these when it’s one of my most anticipated summer blockbusters of the year. I want something I trust. Something that gives me that sugar jolt and sour boost needed during those great action sequences. Let’s be honest, sometimes your candy doesn’t make it past the trailer phase, so Sour Patch Kids are a good candy to have because the sourness can slow down your eating of them and you can enjoy. The only negative with Sour Patch Kids is that taking a sip of soda afterwards is an odd concoction of flavors.

SKITTLES: Skittles I usually go with if I don’t get any popcorn. The reason being is because Skittles at movie theaters usually come in the bigger bags. They also are impossible to stop eating. So once that bag is open you literally taste all of the rainbow in the span of a few minutes. So I usually choose these during comedies since when I am laughing I am not going to eat as much in fear that those candies will fly out of my mouth, hit the ex NFL linebacker sitting in front of me, which results in a very scary situation where I have to apologize and offer the rest of my Skittles as a peace treaty of sorts.

GOOBERS: This is the candy you choose when you want to get a little fancy. Goobers pair incredibly with popcorn. You have some popcorn then you have some Goobers, the flavor combination is out of this world good. The only bad thing about Goobers is that they melt in your hand if you choose to eat them that way or share them. So I suggest picking these during a drama and not a horror film. A drama you will be more relaxed as with a horror film your palms are going to be sweaty. Regardless this is the choice if you want your movie candy game at the movies to be less sharable because let’s be honest… a friend or family member is going to be less likely to ask for some Goobers than they will some sour or gummy candy. It’s the melted chocolate I am telling you.

RAISENETTES: This is the perfect option if you want chocolate but also want a little added zing to the proceedings. These candies are delicious and pair great with popcorn. All rules apply to these as they do Goobers except say you are allergic to peanuts, this is the alternative. It’s one of those candies that you will likely choose if you want the entire theater around you to say “he must be allergic to peanuts” or maybe you just love raisins. I don’t know. It’s your journey.

ANY OTHER CANDY NOT LISTED: I went with my top 4 choices of movie candies that I go for when I go to the movies. You probably have a different option and I will just say that if you do then great and I think that says that you are a lover of a bunch of different candies as well.

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