Before Jon Taffer’s hit show there was a Patrick Swayze film called ROAD HOUSE that taught us that “pain don’t hurt” and must have been the direct inspiration to BAR RESCUE.

As I sit here watching Road House for which seems like the 100th time I realized more and more how this movie must have influenced the show Bar Rescue. If you haven’t seen either of these things, to put things simply, it’s a movie and a show about a guy who comes in to help clean up a bar, make it profitable, and remove the toxic behavior by any means necessary. Now obviously Dalton played by Patrick Swayze in Road House, has to deal with a lot more danger than Jon Taffer. He has to deal with drunk bar fighting, a alcohol tycoon who wants to ruin him, a karate master who always only uses one button on his shirts, and people trying to kill him every night at the bar. But they also have some shared goals. Dalton and Jon Taffer (who is the host of Bar Rescue who embraces solutions, not problems) both have to deal with shady incompetent bartenders, family and co worker drama, and trying to bring in a better culture to the bar business for maximum profit.

While Dalton rips throats and roundhouse kicks his way out of situations, Jon Taffer uses his uncanny ability to scream and yell until every vein in his neck is shown to the audience. Taffer belittles (if you aren’t doing your job properly) in such a way that it is almost Shakespearian. Dalton is more calm and composed but he expects the same standards from his staff and leads by example.

Here we have two men. Two legends. Trying to better the bar business. They each have their own methods but they both more often than not get the job done and have built legendary reputations.

This is a short blog because what else needs to be said. If you have ever wanted to enter the bar business and do it the right way, you either called Dalton or you called Taffer. Patrick Swayze gives a great performance and has so much charisma that you can’t picture anyone else playing the role of Dalton. Hell, I would argue that if Swayze wasn’t involved the film wouldn’t even come close to being the cult classic it is today. Road House is one of those films you really have never even seen once all the way through. It’s one of those movies you watch while doing something else and put on during those moments because its just good enough to be enjoyed, mindless fun without having to become too attached to it. But not good enough to where it distracts you from your work or your surfing the web. And Jon Taffer has become such a bar icon not only in the business sense but now with his larger than life personality, you realize the show wouldn’t work without someone like Taffer. Both men are so different but share the same goals.

Those goals are to live in a world where you can go to a great bar, feel safe, and make a profit. So I think I speak for all of us when I say… thank you Dalton and thank you Jon Taffer. The bar business is better because of yall’s example.

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