In the age of Netflix, YouTube, and VOD why it’s still a great feeling when you find something to watch on TV by channel surfing.

Let’s be honest we all get overwhelmed with the abundance of choices on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, VOD, and YouTube. There is so much content out there for you to watch that it’s almost impossible to say “There is nothing on TV” anymore. Gone are the days where you have to check your local TV guide to see what was coming on your favorite channels. Gone are the days where you have to be in front of the TV on a Thursday night to watch your favorite tv series. So how come every once in awhile…


Look, I don’t know about you all, but as I posted in my blog “NETFLIX STRESSES ME OUT” I discuss how sometimes there are almost too many choices available for you to watch and it becomes a stressful evening trying to navigate all the different choices. Sometimes, if you still have Dish Network or DirectTV, you just want to flip around the channels and see what is on. Sometimes it is absolutely maddening to know you are spending “x” amount of dollars a month and there never seems to be anything on TV, but you surf anyway. You start at the bottom and work your way through all the channels, hoping that the Television broadcasting Gods have somehow managed to have something on their channel that fits your current mood. This is the thrill of the surf and the thrill of finally finding a movie or tv series that is on that makes you stop, no matter at what point in the movie or series it is, and sit back and enjoy television.

This happens from time to time, I will be flipping through channels not really knowing what I want to watch but miraculously, sometimes, it’s there. That film I have seen countless times and love but didn’t necessarily think to put in the Blu-Ray or wanted to make the full commitment of starting a film to completion.

This is what happens. You may have SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK on Blu-Ray, you may love that film, but anytime you go to watch a movie you aren’t in the mood to start it. Because putting in a film you have the idea in your mind that you have to watch it from start to finish, it’s the commitment that holds us back. But say at that same exact moment, you see that SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is on the BRAVO channel, it’s already 26 minutes into the movie but you know this movie so well and it’s on and you can just put it on there and enjoy the rest of it. The beauty of it is, there was no commitment, no discussion on “What should we watch”, it’s all right there, picked for you, and even though you didn’t realize it, you were in the mood to watch this movie.

I love the choices that modern technology gives us and would hate having to ONLY rely on what the channels on DISH Network are showing that day. But every once in awhile, when I don’t know what to watch, and don’t feel like starting a movie, it can be a fun and rewarding experience to channel surf once again. So grab your remote, cross your fingers, and flip those channels. Who knows, maybe you will find that long lost 80’s Jean Claude Van Damme movie you couldn’t remember the name of on SyFy network. Happy Channel Surfing my friends.

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