I woke up to news that Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD has cast not only Leonardo Dicarpio but also Brad Pitt in the two lead roles.

I don’t have to go into the reasons of why this is such a big deal to cinema fans but I am going to anyway…


Two of the biggest movie stars paired with one of the most iconic directors in film history coming together to hopefully bring an incredible cinematic experience. Not only are Leo and Brad movie stars in every sense of the word but they are phenomenal actors. Mix that with Tarantino’s uncanny and unique dialogue plus the fact it deals with very controversial subject matter all set in 1969 Hollywood and we could have the biggest hit of Tarantino’s career.

Movie stars are becoming a thing of the past as big budget intellectual properties have taken over the cinematic landscape. There are only a few A-list movie stars who can carry an original movie in theaters without it being tied to one of those properties. But you mix them together, kind of like the super team building happening in the NBA right now and you could have something that not only makes a major profit but also is a true reason for people to GO TO THE MOVIES.

It’s refreshing to see in the age of superhero films, remakes, reboots, and movies based on best selling books that we are going to get another original Tarantino film with two of the biggest movie stars in history. It’s important that we still get these types of films not only because they are going to be great films (hopefully) but also because it’s good to have variety at the theater. Most films are usually big budget superhero films, remakes, animated films, and horror franchises. Tarantino is one of the few directors working today where you call it a “Tarantino film”. It doesn’t fit into any one genre. It’s a wholly unique cinematic experience.

It will be interesting to see how Sony manages this film and if they are going to follow similar marketing techniques and if we are going to get a full on Tarantino experience (my guess is yes) and how they are going to market it for next summer. All that will be speculated once we start hearing more about the film.

But for today, for right now, if we are just talking about cinema and nothing else surrounding it… This is extremely exciting news for cinephiles. I for one can’t wait to see this film and to hopefully bring back a resurgence for these types of films in the future. We only have one Leo, Brad, and Quentin but we should have more unique filmmaking voices get a budget, get some movie stars, and make some movies. There is room for both. That is my hope anyway.

Are you excited for this film? Let me know in the comments!

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