Ralph Breaks The Internet.

The teaser trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 dropped today and it did what a teaser trailer for an animated film should do.

It set up the premise of the movie, it reunited you with the characters you loved in the original, it had some eBay humor for the adults, and some kittens eating pancakes for the kids (I wont spoil the scene in the trailer but it’s one that will get a lot of “OHHHHHHHHH’s” in the theater.

The whole time I watched this trailer, I was at first put off on the idea of a film navigating the internet. I mean we, kids and adults alike, are consumed by the internet on a day to day basis, movies should be an escape from this type of thing, right? Then I realized, Justin… you’re thinking way too much about a movie titled Wreck It Ralph 2. The fact is that when I first saw what the trailer had to offer I thought to myself, this is going to be an endless barrage of product placement via the internet. Websites, apps, mobile games, music streaming services, etc.. Which isn’t a bad thing for this type of movie. I mean how many times have we been to a movie, usually live action, and the product placement takes us completely out of the scene (I’m looking at you Mark Wahlberg drinking that BUD LIGHT in TRANSFORMERS 4). But with this movie it works because THIS IS THE MOVIE. The movie is about product placement, a barrage of distractions and apps and it works. The pop up ads that keep Ralph busy while trying just to walk a few feet, to the eBay auction happening, all of this is what I am sure the film will explore while riffing on the different products while at the same time promoting them. Unlike The Emoji Movie (which I haven’t seen but heard about from numerous critics and people who have seen it) that is just one, long promotion and product placement with no other purpose.

I could be totally wrong, however, and the film could become a mess of product placements and shout outs to popular apps while not adding anything valuable to the story. But, if it plays out how I think it might, then maybe this film’s main theme and lesson will be about not letting all the distractions of the modern web prevent you from living your life and to try and not be something your not online and to be yourself. I don’t know, just my gut instinct on the message.

The trailer works because it’s fast, funny, looks amazing (seriously I am always fascinated with the amount of work and detail that go into these animated films) and mixes old school with new school, just like the audience that will go see this film over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a family film after all. My hope is that it actually has something to say about our dependence for the internet and apps. I think the great animated films not only entertain the whole family but also work on emotional levels that has an overarching message about finding who you are and your place in the world.

I thought it was a solid teaser trailer and a clever use of a hashtag promotion of #ralphbreakstheinternet. I can’t wait for the next trailer that will probably be released this Summer featuring more about the main conflict of the story and other characters and cameos, but until then, I will say if you were excited about Wreck It Ralph 2 before then this trailer won’t change that. Let me know what you think about the trailer in the comments!

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