I can’t help it. Every time I log in to NETFLIX I know what’s coming. I know I will browse titles for well over 30 minutes trying to decide what I want to watch. I will keep going back to the same titles over and over kind of like when you keep opening up your refrigerator hoping new food will miraculously appear.

Now look, I’m not saying Netflix doesn’t have options. They do. They have a ton of options. Good options.


There are times I go in to the app knowing what is on there and what I want to watch and that is a great feeling. I open it up, pick the movie, and sit back and am taken to a new world for a few hours.

However, more often than not when I open up the app, I have no idea what I want to watch. What am I in the mood for? Haven’t I already seen this one? Why am I being recommended Herbie Fully Loaded? Things like this are avoidable every time I try to find something to watch on Netflix. It becomes this stressful endeavor where nothing is popping out at me as “WATCH ME!” Or maybe it’s the fact I see something I like but then think to myself “Don’t settle, see what else is out there.” Before I know it I am on the 3rd column of “Cerebral Dark Comedies” and I don’t even remember what it was I wanted to watch in the first place. Plus, now with so much great television how do I commit to a single show? Do I start a few shows at once and alternate or do I go all in on one show and binge the shit out of it? But if I do that then the show is over and I have to wait a whole year for Season 2 so I should space it out. I guess I could start Supernatural but OMG there is over 12 seasons of that show?! I will never catch up!


Okay, the moral of this rant is simple. I love Netflix. I love all the choices and I love how I have a huge library of movies & tv at my fingertips. I don’t, however, enjoy the fact that I become a stressed out mess while navigating the app and usually decide just to close the application! But I will come back, and Netflix knows this. Netflix knows I am too weak to stay away from all the amazing choices and I will go through it all once again in an attempt to find a way to spend my Saturday evening. I hear a lot about “Netflix and Chill” but what about people like me where it’s more like “Netflix and Stress”. Is there something wrong with me? Am I the only one who feels this way? Please let e know in the comments if Netflix has stressed you out as well, and maybe we can band together and be more decisive in our streaming movie choices from here on out! I believe in us, I believe in our decision making, I believe in film. Don’t become me, don’t stress out, pick a movie and stick with it. There is always tomorrow, and tomorrow you can watch that 80’s action flick you never watched or that new Netflix original series in one setting. Trust yourself movie fans, and learn from me.